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Order Process
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Hello, everyone, thank you for visiting our website, if you’re looking for your desired products, please go to “product” to find anything you want, whenever
You have something you are interested in, please feel free to contact us by “contact us
Here is some simple steps about how to make order from us:
HYE is a company has HACCP and ISO 22000 that founded in 1994.
We are a manufacturer also a trading company. We integrate all the best quality products of Bubble Tea business together to provide for our customer. The only way to ensure you are purchasing genuine first quality product is to visit our website or online consult. You may also found out HYE is the only company in Taiwan who dare to show the price online. Our mission is to provide the best services and products to our customers with best value. Every month we export over 30 containers to 15 countries. We have strong experience in custom declaration. Which make our customer to receive their product within the shortest time.
If customer’s order has reached the certain quantity, we also provide OEM and ODM services for our customer to possess their own brand with a further development.
Please find our products at “product” or contact us directly for the latest quotation!
Please contact us via “contact us”or email: [email protected]
We provide detailed reports and certificates of analysis, machine using introductions and bubble tea recipes, please contact us to have them!
If you need to acquire some samples from us, please select them from our products, and we’ll send to you within 7 business days.
You could choose to have the samples by DHL, EMS or FedEx.
*Sample are free, you’re only responsible for the shipping fees.
We provide our customer training of bubble tea making and menu designing, if you have some idea about bubble tea but not yet so specific, please feel free to consult our bubble tea training specialist!
Training sessions will take 2-3days from products testing to order finalizing.
When you selected your goods, it now to take them home and establish your own business with them. Our sales specialists will provide you our pre-invoice(excel), with detailed information of our products and prices.
When you decided your goods, we could also arrange the shipping for you.
In this period, please don’t forget to consult your importing agency to find out if there are any regulations about food importing and let us know!
We are cooperating with very experienced forwarders, they could help you with any situations of delivery, like door to door services , customs clearance, documentation legislation and certificate of origin, in a low, fair price.
We accept bank wire和 Paypal, please consult our sales representative for further discussions.
We’ll start immediately after your order is taken, as a manufacturer, we’ll be able to customize your flavor, density increasing, flavor changing and getting rid of certain addictives to comply regulations of your country, just let us know what do you need!

Finally, your goods arrived to the port and reached your places, please use our products to make popular drinks as you learned or to any other purpose, if you have further questions, you are always welcome to consult our specialists at any time!